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Good Measures combines clinical coaching with an easy-to-use smartphone/web app to help people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes improve their health and quality of life. The program is convenient—coaching is by phone, email, text, video, or in person at times that work best for busy people.



Your unique combination of goals, likes, dislikes, schedule, budget, allergies, medications, and other factors determines your personal nutrition needs. Your coach takes all that into account to help you successfully reach your goals and better manage your diabetes.


Good Measures is designed for busy people. Check-in with your coach by phone, email, messaging, or secure video when it’s convenient for you—daytimes, evenings, or weekends. No need to take time off work to go to an appointment; no hunting for parking.

Clinical Grade

Good Measures coaches are credentialed Registered Dietitians, Certified Diabetes Educators, and Registered Nurses with years of education and training in nutrition science and behavior change. 


Support to meet your needs



Learn about factors that affect your blood sugar—such as food, activity, medication, and stress—and how to manage them

Add physical activity to your life in simple ways

Eat well—without giving up your favorite foods—to feel better and improve your blood sugar, blood pressure, and overall health

Lose or manage weight


Take the guesswork out of diabetes management


Personalized for you

Are you finding it hard to meet targets your doctor has set? Wondering how you can enjoy food in social situations without getting off track? Not sure how to manage blood sugar when you do more physical activity than usual? Your Good Measures coach can help.

Your coach gets to know how you live, what gets in the way of diabetes self-care, and how your health conditions affect you. Your Good Measures coach can also help you avoid or manage complications and deal with frustrations that can come with diabetes.

Our program helps with many parts of diabetes care and health, including:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • monitoring
  • medications
  • what happens with diabetes
  • avoiding and managing complications
  • lifestyle changes
  • healthy coping


Easy to use smartphone/web app

Use the app to see how well you are meeting your nutrition needs. Get recommendations for the best meals and snacks to eat next. The app can help you see how foods, medications, insulin, and activity affect your blood sugar.



Get Started Today With This Special Offer

Good Measures Diabetes Suport Logo RGB copy.jpg

For a limited time, get a full year of personalized diabetes coaching for $425.

  • Get expert advice and support from your coach—a registered dietitian or certified diabetes educator.
  • Check in with your coach when it’s convenient for you—days, nights, or weekends. Send your coach a message anytime you have a question.
  • Use the Good Measures app to see your logbook, insulin dosing, and carbohydrate intake.
  • Learn about factors that affect your blood sugar—such as food, activity, stress, and medicine—and how to manage them.
  • Good Measures is committed to helping you meet your goals one bite at a time, but we understand that life happens. If you would like to cancel within the first 15 days, we will refund your account 100%. See our FAQs for details. 


Questions? Call us anytime at 888-320-1776 or email us at